White Light Scanning Application
The digitalization process uses the conjunction of optical technology and digital image processing in order to extract the coordinates of points situated on the surface of an object. The unique element in the whole process is light, which allows us to obtain highly dense clouds of three-dimensional points and a high level of accuracy in a few seconds.
Triple 3d White Light Measuring System from NUB3D - Spain

The Process of Acquiring the 3D Information Uses the Technique Called Structured White Light Triangulation.

A series of black and white vertical fringes of light are projected onto the surface to be measured. The three-dimensional information is obtained by analyzing the deformation that the projected light suffers upon being reflected on the surface of the object. A camera integrated in the measuring head captures a series of images of the part and show the deformation that the lines of light suffer. This projection and image acquisition process takes only a few seconds. From these images, in a matter of seconds, a cloud of 3D points (x, y and z coordinates) of the surface of the object are calculated.

Advantages of White Light Scanning System

» Flexibility through different Measurement Volumes
» Highest Data Quality
» Greater Maneuverability for data capturing
» Fast Data Acquisition
» Ideal for Quality Control and Inspection 

The measurig head technology has been adapted for operating in the toughest production environments without affecting its transportability and its ease of use. The mechanical structure, built with carbon fibre provides stability and stiffness.

The speed, accuracy and high resolution attributes of TRIPLE Finds its main application in the measurement of objects for their CAD reconstruction, physical replicas with rapid prototyping or cam technigues & inspection.


photogrametryUsing any TRIPLE configuration together with the AICON DPA-Pro photogrammetry system allows the measurement of large surfaces with a high level of accuracy.

Circular adhesive markers are stuck to the surface of the part to be measured as references. The photogrammetry system measures the centre of the circles with high accuracy.

During the measurement process, the Triple system is capable of recognising the same centres and positioning each corresponding cloud of points obtained automatically and with high precision.
This is therefore a measuring system capable of completely digitizing large objects such as cars, with a high density of points and with an error of less than 0.15 mm.

MML Module

TRIPLE incorporates the possibility of managing a new and exclusive automatic registration system that does not require the use of fixedMML Module markers on the part. It is a technique exclusively developed by nub3d which is based on the projection of optical markers onto the part.

This process uses 1 or 2 projectors as an automatic marking system. That is, the light coming from the projectors creates thousands of virtual markers on the surface of the part which allows the joining or automatic registration of the different positions of the object. Digitalizing becomes a simple task of making SIDIO measurements of the object, without the need of the prior preparation of the object by adding fixed markers.